We connect great tech talent with the greatest place to work in Switzerland.

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When looking for a perfect job, there are so many things to take into account:

your prime motivation for the work, so you can choose the right organization to join
the core set of strengths that will make you shine in the recruitment process
a strong network to support you in the job search efforts
Too many young professionals usually report gaps in all of the above and we know how frustrating that may be. This is why we have created a simple and effective solution that will turn your job search headache into a memorable and exciting experience.

We connect great tech talent with the greatest place to work.


When you decide to start working, we want you to get the job fast. At that point, we will know where the job opportunities are and we’ll recommend you a few to take into account.


We want you to be hired in an environment that will truly match your motivation and personality as only in those jobs you will never feel like you’re actually working. We will provide you with the FREE online assessment to maximise the matching accuracy in your choice of roles and potential employers.


Next to a magical matching algorithm, we have half a century of hiring experience on our core team. Our talent brokers are warm and experienced professionals eager to provide you with strong support along the recruitment process.


“I graduated more than 20 years ago, but I can still feel the anxiety driven by the unknown future. Transitioning from the university into a career is hard, even for the best students. It was hard for me as it is hard for every new generation. For many years in my own career, I have been recruiting young professionals into large, global organizations and I have always tried to help them enjoy that process. I know it can be fun, rewarding and a memorable life experience. I hope you will let me and my team show you how!”
Ida Banek,
Founder of Grit International

How it works?


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At your convenience take a FREE assessment to discover your strengths and primary work motivation.


We’ll let you know what type of roles, industries and work environments will fit you the most and we’ll prepare you to score jobs there.


In case you let us, we will introduce you to potential employers that have open roles you will like.
It has never been so easy to find the right job and start strong in a career. Grit Point is not only your personal talent broker. It is free of charge; you can use it when you like and you just need to have fun along the way.
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